Welcome to my capstone reflection:

   My name is Terrance Loewl and I am a senior at Big Picture High School. I recently completed my senior capstone project. Capstones are projects where students get a chance to benefit the community before they graduate high school. My event was titled “Filling In the Blanks: Combating LGBTQ+ Erasure Through Archaeology.” This event will gave high school and college students in the Nashville area an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ history.


   On Saturday October 27th, I hosted three expert speakers to present on LGBTQ+ identities in a variety of time periods. I also put together an interactive session that facilitated discussion about historical and archaeological views on queer identities. After students attended each session, they wrote skits about what they. They performed these skits and won a prize. 

   This portfolio covers the steps of this project from start to finish: including my proposal, over ten pieces of work, my research paper, photos from the event, and an overall reflection of my evet.